Sony Xperia T caught running early Jelly Bean build (video)

The Xperia T hasn’t been out a month and already users are clambering to get their hands on a taste of Jelly Bean. And rightfully so: as HTC, Samsung or even Motorola begin rolling out Jelly Bean to their flagship phones, Xperia T users must wait until no less than February to work out theirs.

A team over in Vietnam has its hands on an early build of Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean for the Xperia T, and while it looks quite resembling its Ice Cream Sandwich counterpart, there are a number of nice new additions to be seen. Sony has made some tweaks to its launcher and a pair system apps, and fleshed out sound quality features in order to certain to appease the audiophiles within the room. Interestingly, the leaked software contains AT&T-specific apps, so it’s likely that the yankee carrier stands out as the first to receive the update next year.

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This news comes at the leak that the FreeXperia team, the individuals behind CyanogenMOD10.1 for varied Sony devices, has begun porting the Linux 3.4 kernel utilized in Android 4.1 to legacy 2011 Xperia devices.

Via: Android Central

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