iPhone 5 dominates Top 12 blog posts in 2012 on TechKnow Bytes


The is a traffic hog.

Tis the season for lists.

Since I copied Eric Gorski’s idea for this blog post , I figured it is going to make sense to steal his opening line in addition.

Not surprisingly, with the much-anticipated release of the iPhone 5 in September, blog posts about Apple’s smartphone dominated TechKnow Bytes’ most-read list in 2012. Five of the tip 12 posts covered a number of topics involving the newest-gen iPhone.

Items about Facebook’s privacy issues, CenturyLink’s union negotations and a graphic artist’s tribute to the Aurora theater shooting victims were also one of the most viewed posts for the year.

Three months after it went live, this blog’s top post, which covered Cricket Wireless announcing the cost of its no-contract iPhone 5, continues to draw a healthy variety of clicks.

The No. 2 post – “Dish Network CEO says label as America’s worst company to work for is ‘ridiculous’” – has drawn the very best selection of comments at 314 and counting.

The Top 12 of 2012 on TechKnow Bytes:

  1. Cricket Wireless reveals price for no-contract iPhone 5 , and $250 Android smartphone
  2. Dish Network CEO says label as America’s worst company to work for is “ridiculous”
  3. iPhone 5 questions and answers : AT&T, Verizon or Sprint? Pre-order or buy in stores?
  4. Will posting a privacy notice protect your Facebook information?
  5. iPhone 5 release details : What’s new, when it’s available, how much this can cost, where to buy
  6. iPhone 5 will cost consumers more despite the fact that base price doesn’t change
  7. CenturyLink and union fail to succeed in new deal , extend expired pact
  8. 0 : What we all know, and what we predict we all know concerning the new features
  9. 1 to Denver and Boulder
  10. Thousands share Colorado Springs graphic artist’s 2
  11. Review: 3 , and fixes for trackpad bug and HD space
  12. Samsung Galaxy S3 4 (video)