Apple iPhone 5S: all you need to know

Now that mobile hungry consumers are all up-to-date on Samsung Galaxy S4 news and rumours, more inquisitive punters are not any doubt beginning to consider 2013′s other earth-shattering smartphone launch, that of the Apple iPhone 5S. But where to start?

Let’s start with the disclaimer that ‘iPhone 5S’ is a purely speculative tag and, on the grounds that Apple only introduced its  iPhone 5  in September, the disclosing of its next blockbuster device continues to be an excellent way off. Or is it? One rumour gaining traction has the long-lasting American firm  launching its new iPhone within the first-half 2013  instead of sticking to its traditional product release schedule, which dictates an autumn arrival for the incremental update.

The prediction is probably going based around Apple’s compete much more directly with bitter rival Samsung, whose Galaxy S3 took the market by storm after it was announced in May 2012.  The iPhone 5′s launch  was greeted by an average consumer frenzy, needless to say, however the proven fact that the S3 will go down in in lots of pundits’ book because the smartphone of the year can’t sit well with the hugely competitive Cupertino-based firm, and a few feel it may well adapt its business strategy accordingly.

We’re approaching this one with a little caution, however. The iPhone 5 only just rolled out to as many as 50 countries, so while development for the 5S might be imminent and Apple could start talking up its next offering ahead of usual, we’d be surprised if the device itself arrived before schedule. Up to anything, Apple’s immense pride means that’s unlikely to wish to be seen to be having its corporate blueprint dictated by a competitor.

What might the iPhone 5S seem like when it does arrive? Apple’s annual WWDC will provide a miles clearer picture, but there are some early indications as to what features the recent device might offer

From a hardware perspective, the long run iPhone is a reasonably vague proposition: we’re expecting a faster processor, more RAM, NFC, and a more robust specification camera complementing the continuation of existing features like 4G LTE support. There’s little of substance in the market at the present time, with an alleged  image leak of iPhone 5S casing  indicating “component tweaks” and little more.

As such, essentially the most substantial new iPhone rumour points to not the 5S but an ‘iPhone 5 mini.’ The budget handset could be a scaled-down version of the prevailing model aimed toward emerging markets. It’s a concept that makes great business sense, but we’re still taking it with a pinch of salt – Apple’s modus operandi is to simply offer exclusive products, and again we predict it’s unlikely to willingly ‘dumb down’ its range to make an inexpensive buck in countries like India and China.

More likely is for the firm to drop the pricing of its older devices, just like the iPhone 3GS and four. There’s still a gigantic sense of ‘watch this space’ on the subject of the iPhone 5S, so in case you haven’t already, bookmark this page now – it is your one-stop shop for each of the latest news and rumours regarding Apple’s next handset and is bound to replenish quickly in 2013.

Concept image credit: Antoine Brieux for NAK Studio via Yanko Design